Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A View to a Killer Beginning

It’s hard to say what I like best about being in Greece. Really, how can one decide between great people, great art, and great food (the top three in my book)? It didn’t quite sink in how utterly awesome this would be until our third day in Athens. The whirlwind of travel—i.e. multiple flights and no sleep—had culminated into a slightly jet lagged, generally disoriented, and undemanding Sunday morning that Egypt and I decided would be perfect for a walk in the park near our apartment. We climbed up a small, rocky hill and turned around to find ourselves suddenly looking at a panorama of the city, Acropolis dominating the distant landscape.
This is what it means to be in Greece: five minutes from where I live is this view of an ancient architectural dedication to the Gods that still manages to command your attention after thousands of years. My roommate and I go every other day to the bakery around the corner for another loaf of fantastic bread from Ioanna (the woman we have decided is our “Greek mother”). There are 14-plus bookstores in the 15-minute walk between apartments. Class is a series of field trips to museums and historical sites both in and out of the city—I don’t think I’ll ever get over how much cooler it is to see something in real life that I had before only admired in books. We continue to learn (often the hard way) how massive and sometimes confusing the city of Athens actually is. Every time we go out with the whole group, it’s an experience of culinary delectation and even better company. I came into Greece expecting a meal and got a banquet…in some cases, literally. It’s all uphill from here!

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