Monday, March 21, 2011

Delphi Trip

Our Delphi trip was a blast we got to see so much so quickly that it was difficult to wrap my head around it. In a perfect scenario the weather would have been a little bit better but unfortunately we can’t control that… Illanna was the best tour guide we could have ever asked for she is the best! She took us to the mountaintop monasteries in Meteora, which were, mind blowing with the views and location of them. How did they build those? I still don’t know but they have been standing and operating for centuries. We also got to see the baths of Hercules, the location where he allegedly came to bath after he was done with his tasks. It was right near the location of the battle of Thermopile and the hot gates better known from the movie 300. The site of Delphi itself was an absolute hike it seemed like we drove through 10 different mountain ranges to get there on these small roads that if the bus were to make one minor jerk it was game over for all of us (thanks Janny) Anyways, the site itself was incredible to say the least, pictures can not do it justice. We hiked all the way to the top and saw the temple of Apollo and where they would allegedly consult the Oracles. Once we got to the top we had a footrace in the oldest stadium that I have ever stood in. Afterwards we hiked down and made our way back to Athens.

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