Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 weeks in!

It has been around 5 weeks now that i have been in athens. The experience so far is unreal, and yet alot more to come. This last week has been pretty cold i think the people back home in M.A have the same weather. It was snowing the other day! i did not expect that. (i thought i came out here to get away from the cold and snow) last weekend was the carnival. My class dressed up along with some HAU studinds who held the carnival party for us. The party was great besides the misfourtune of someone accidently spilling wine on my costume. But i just look back and laugh. Next week is spring vacation alot of my classmates are going to new amsterdam, and barcolona. Me, i am staying back at greece. Probabaly will meet up with some greek classmates at HAU and go out and have a good time. I am deffinatly looking forward to other trips later on next month. The last one was a great experience so i imagine these will be too. Well got to go do homework before spring break. This is zach skinner reporting from athens greece with the latest updates peace ya all!

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