Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Vacation

Spring vacation, during this spring vacation i stayed here in Athens due to budget reasons. All was not so bad. Other then getting pickpocketed my very first day or vacation everything else went well. I went down to peraius near the docks and looked at the ocean and all of the very expensive yahts and boats. I seen atleast good 10 million dollars or so yahts that were amazingggg! I wish i had money like that to just spend on a boat! HA. Monday night i went down to the Athens sports bar wich is a classic place that i have been going, to meet fellow americans that are also on spring vacation and also too meet some new faces. Monday was trivia night at the bar and i made a few quantences there some from new york and arizona that i spent some time with. We were to busy talking and getting aquanted that we did not do soe well on the final results of the quiz. The rest of the week i kind of stayed aorund the house did not do much. Had to budget what was left of my money for the week since i have no wallet or any way of getting more money. I got bored so i cleaned my whole apartmeant because in a week or two we might be having some quests of fellow class mates staying. Thursday night was another big night at the sports bar it was karaoke night. No i did or do not sing i just like going down there because there are alot of people. It is funny seeing people be so outgoing when there is alcohol and music alike people dont give a dam how bad they sound. I met a group of like 10 students who are traveling and also staying in greece so after the sports bar i hung with them for the rest of the night. Or until 2 a.m or so. We went to a pub called james joyce pub, it was packed unlike usual because thursday was also st pattys day. So it was a good time hands down. Friday night i went to HAU to watch drama practice that some fellow greek students had, after i was invited to go out with them, they decided to go to Gazi ( Gazi is a big area with alot of higher class bars and pubs around) You usually have to dress nicley or atleast have a girl with you to get in. Well luckily i had both ;-). We went to a highclass club called candy bar. It was a good time 15 euros for admission and you get a free drink. It was well worth it. When we left the club it was around 4 oclock in the morning. We went to a smaller bar to meet one of the greek students friends who was working. After that it was like 6 oclock and i was out of money. It was a long way home from where i would have had to gotten off at the metro so a greek classmate said i could stay with them. I was glad because it was 7 oclock and i was exuasted. I slept until 3 the next day and then went out again around 9 for some coffee with a few friends sat night. I went home after that. Thank God i did becuase i was so tired i slept most of the day sunday. A kid that i met at Sports bar was coming back from one of the islands and he needed to stay some where for the night so i offered my place. he left bright and early this morning to catch a train to italy. I will hear from him soon or maybe go visit him in canada some day where he is origanaly from. Well that was my spring vacation other then my wallet getting stolen it was a good time. Well until next time this is Zman over and out peace!

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