Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to Greeced Lightning!

Before I go any further, credit must be given where credit is due. Kendra Watenpaugh provided the name for this blog (even though we wanted to call it Homerotica -- much to Stella's chagrin).

For the next few months my students and I will be providing both a travelogue of our experiences as well as a set of guideposts for future Pierce students fortunate enough to, in Homer's words, sail the wine-dark sea.

As it stands, Greece's contributions to Western civilization cannot be underestimated. (One can scarcely imagine where we'd be today if they had fallen to the Persians.) But at the same time, Greece today is an exceedingly fragile and economically vulnerable country.

But this is starting to sound too serious! This blog is a place to have fun, let loose, and convey the joy for life epitomized by Zorba the Greek -- and, truth be told, most Greeks. We should be sitting in tavernas, eating mezes and drinking ouzo -- and we will....

We'll start, though, by discussing our mis-preconceptions (in other words, what we thought we knew before we got here and what we've learned in the past two weeks).

Thanks for coming along for the ride.