Thursday, March 3, 2011

Greece Monkeys

In early January I was subject to a knee injury which required surgery. I soon learned that I would need to go to Greece two weeks later than everyone else. I was relieved that after such a strenuous ordeal I was finally able to make the trek over on January 23rd, about 2 and a half weeks later than everyone else. Not even my trip over was without issue, there were huge riots in Athens on the 23rd and as a result my flight from London was delayed almost 4 hour. After waiting 2 extra weeks to make the trip an extra 4 hours was hardly a burden. Regardless I finally made it to Athens and the city has only surpassed my expectations. Athens is expansive extending for miles in every directions. I understood Athens was a big city but the scale of it is quit larger than I imagined. Drivers in Athens carry a slighlty different personality than American drivers. For instance, on the way back from the airport I took a cab. I could of swore I was in a nascar race the way this driver was banking around corners at incrdible speeds. This drive was a little scary yet strangely enjoyable. In Athens car drivers very rearly yield for pedestrians, instead people must wait for redlights and opennings in traffic in order to cross. They also are very expressive drivers as they almost never hesitate to use there horn even when they are stopped at red lights. The Athens culture will no doubt take some adjusting to get used to, however every day I feel as though I have a better understanding of there culture. The Greek alphabet is hard to read and as result its difficult to order if there is no English translation. Also the two weeks prior to my arival I was able to comunicate with my friends via skype. They made me aware of the warm and sunny weather they were experienceing and I was very much excited to escape the new England winter fo some warm Spring weather. Unfortunatly it apears that I have brought some of that weather with me because it has been for the most part cool rainny and cloudy every day. I gues Ill just have to be patient as it is winter in Greece just as it is at home. Anyways Im releived to finally be here in Athens experienceing something that im sure I will be able to take with for my entire life.

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