Wednesday, March 2, 2011

At the start

Getting to the Greek

So the flight from New York to Boston was in a pencil of a plane and the flight was late because of some crew member but I made it to Boston on time. I was the first one there then shortly followed by Kendra (Texas).

Kendra and I sat next to each other on the 6 hour flight to London when I dosed of for about an hour then dinner came. My options were beef and pasta; I thought the pasta would be the safest bet so I took it. It was lasagna (edible). The desert was a mix of apple crumb cake and cheese cake (GROSS). I ate the salad which I thought couldn’t turn against me but it did. The tomato squirted me. Hit me square in the chest. Stained my blue head phone hoodie (and I lost an ear piece). While on the plane I watched The Social Network and grew increasingly upset with the characters as time went by but it was a good movie. The best part of this flight was that as I was boarding, I handed the crew member my ticket and he pulled me aside and said. “You’re in trouble young lady.”

“What?” I said very confused like because I didn’t sit yet.

He repeated, “You’re in trouble young lady.” I raised my eye brows and he clarified. “You know there’s a crisis in Egypt.”

“Oh, ha ha,” I said dryly escaping to my seat.

Fact of the day: Everyone who works British Airways is British.

While landing in London my ear felt like they were going to bleed off. When we get the second check point to get our connecting flight we find that someone screwed up Kendra’s and mine bags. They were not going be on the Athens flight with us. We had to go to baggage claim and reprocess them all in an hour…. We did it. The flight from London to Athens was four hours and I was reading for most of them until they decided to serve us breakfast. The eggs were barley eggs, the ham was salty and the sausage was gross. I ate the yogurt and OJ. Then my eyes was burning because I was crazy tired but I couldn’t sleep on the count of those loud British men. And that Joe passed out in the seat next to me and my now leaning on my shoulder. We land, my ears pop again.

My Life in Ruins

Then later at the baggage claim when landing in Athens the women asked me if I was coming for Cairo. People these days. I realized soon enough that people in Greece can’t drive. Usually it’s just the taxi but they all can’t drive. And the streets are nonexistent. They barley have room for one person let alone two.

We took power naps and headed out to eat. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to get the Greek feel of things. I didn’t eat the meat. I had a dip was up made from yogurt. One made for chick peas, fired zucchini (didn’t like that) and fired cheese (very good but way too salty). In the city of Athens there are a lot of stray cats and dogs. The place we were eating had a tent type roof so cats were coming in and running around eating fallen food. One ginger cat coming in was on the roof ledge and he got scared when the door opens so he started to back up too quickly and fell, it almost hit Sam on the head. (Poor Kitty).

View from the top:

On a Sunday Kendra and I sent out to buy some bread at the corner bakery. Little did we know that most everything was closed in Athens on Sunday. Who actually listens to that Sunday being the day of rest stuff. Apparently the Greeks do. So we went for a walk instead. We climbed up the side of a small mountain and sat on its side from the top of that mountain we saw the Parthenon. Now we didn’t know it was the Parthenon then, we argued about it. I thought it was the Acropolis and Kendra said the Parthenon. We later found out that we were both right. The Parthenon is the name of the building and the Acropolis is the name of the whole area around it. If you Google image both, the same image comes up.

It’s All Greek to Me

I not sure what I thought before arriving in Greece but I do know that I’m learning something new but Greek culture every day. I think the thing that hit me the most was that I could understand people’s conversation. I mean I knew that I wasn’t going to heard English but I guess that fact didn’t really think about it. It was a little difficult to get around but I think I have learned how to use a map well enough to survive and I’ve learned to interoperate their arm flailing.

The European version of San Francisco

I am a New York, so I walk a lot that’s not the part that we odd or should I say hard, it was the fact that it was all uphill which I was grown accustom to.

They’re All Named Kostas and Yannis

In Greece when I child is born it is a tradition to name the child after their grandparents. So for example, if your grandfather was named Stavros your name would be Stavros or if you are female, Stavrola. I feel I like every time I turn around I heard the same names. So far have meet three men named Stavros and two named Yannis.

It Taste Like a Little Slice of Heaven Wrapped in Rainbows and Happy

I do not think that I can get over the pace and the amount of food that shows up on table. Just image sitting at a table for a meal, but this table is not just any table it’s a table in a little place called Heaven’s Corner, where the food doesn’t stop coming. You’re like a kid in a candy shop. “Oh, this looks good and what about this.” By the time the fourth plate to share has arrived you are way pasted stuffed and there is STILL more food (and let’s not forget the wine) on the way. You may have been done eating long ago but you will be sitting there for at least another three hours talking about everything from West Side Story to buying apples.

More To Come

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